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Done Deal
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Keys To The New Place
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About Us

North 49 Homes Company Story

North 49 Homes is a family business with experienced home builders located in Western Canada constructing a wide range of projects.  Our unique advantage in the home construction market is 35 years experience in Thermal Break Technology.  You can see our short explanation video demonstrating the proof behind this Technology just below this paragraph as well as further proof at


So, if you're in need of a new home, or are interested in reducing your debt load with a tiny home, and saving thousands of dollars per year on heating & cooling bills at the same time, then consider what North 49 Homes has to offer.  

What We Do

Spec Homes

Built Home

Inherent Energy Advantage

North 49 Homes has been building homes and renovation projects for 35 years with tried and true processes and new age features.  The focus of our company is energy efficiency.  This begins with the critical building envelope design (walls and roof).  Our Thermal Break Technology has been consistently refined to provide optimum results.  Check out our building process by clicking below.

Tiny Homes

Exquisite Craftmanship

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Our tiny homes utilize the same building technology that our full size homes employ with a wide range of modular add-on capabilities.  These small homes are built for tough winters and blazing summers to provide maximum comfort and efficiency.  Click below for details.

Additional Yard Structures

Wood Shed

Garden Sheds/Wood Sheds

Classic designs and optimal utility.  Custom sizes and designs available.  Click below for these options.

Our Lead Builder and Inspector

Lead Builder and Inspector

Dave Shearer is our lead builder for North 49 Homes with 35+ years of experience in the industry.  His skills range through the majority of the building processes from the initial concrete foundation to the final siding and roofing.  He is also a Professional Home Inspector through PHII Certification and our lead inspector for our homes.   

The New House

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