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We sell pre-built spec homes and tiny homes with modular add-on options, but we are open to custom construction as well!  Have some ideas to make the perfect living space for yourself?  We can guide you with our long term building experience to make it happen.  Contact us today!

Tiny House


We are a private member association (PMA) meaning that the prices on the website are the all-in price.  That is what you will pay for our product (exceptions to the $0.00 pricing as we have not set a price for these items yet).  

If you require financing to purchase one of our homes, we currently are not partnered with anyone to assist in this process.  We recommend seeking out a private lender.  The costs of our tiny homes resembles a high cost vehicle and may be easier to be approved.  

* Our tiny homes do not include delivery costs as this is subjective to the location to be delivered.  Quotes for Western Canada are typically $5,000-$10,000 with Eastern Canada and the United States will be upwards from there.

* Our tiny homes do not include installation of services, but we have the ability to quote and provide such services.

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One Eyed Budgie Giftshop

Gift Shop

We present our partner the One Eyed Budgie Giftshop who sell a wide variety of local artists' sculptures and art as well as their own in Keremeos, British Columbia.

Check them out at

Precision Approach Supply

Multiple Services

We present our parent company Shearer Group which is involved in a multitude of different specialties.  Check them out at

Tilia Botanicals

Natural Health

We present our partner Tilia Botanicals who specialize in everything from herbal remedies to body products and treats.  The shop is located in Creston, British Columbia.  Check them out at

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