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Prepping For When SHTF

Building tiny homes has become more than a fad with major interest for people looking to downsize, homestead, rid themselves of debt, and "bugout" from the crazy world we see before ourselves. The sad thing is most manufacturers in the tiny home industry are building on the fad, creating very fancy, quickly made structures with basic construction principles. They may have the looks, but deep down the true quality can resemble a standard travel trailer for energy loss and high maintenance.

At North 49 Homes, we pride ourselves on our robust building techniques. Some of the key features we use are all metal exteriors and dual wall - thermal break technology among others. We find this key for long lasting and highly efficient structures.

All of our construction features Dual Wall - Thermal Break Technology which creates a gap from the exterior to the interior, eliminating thermal bridging. Thermal bridging is an effect in a structure where heat or cold is conducted through materials such as metal or wood. A standard wall uses studs which have a surface touching both exterior and interior, creating this bridge. Whether it is metal or wood, both act as a conductor of energy, leeching the warmth out in winter, or the cold out in summer. With our proven benefits of Thermal Break Technology, our homes have superior energy efficiency. Add that to a small square footage of a tiny home and you have a recipe for minuscule utility costs.

An all metal exterior provides a nearly-maintenance free building for long lasting weather resistance. In times where the costs of construction materials among all other things seem to rise and hit drastic spikes in the market, a durable one time finish is ideal. Metal will outlast asphalt roofing by decades. Vinyl and wood siding will also be diminished to metal siding.

Tiny homes are an easy way to set up a low cost living scenario and a debt free life in this big crunch we find ourselves in. These homes can be used to begin homesteading, keeping costs off of your living structure and aiming focus on growing and raising food. They can be a great way to generate personal wealth if you already have land and would like simple ways to add rental properties. They could even be used for a bugout house, tucked away for when you need to get out when SHTF!

Check out our "prepper" tiny homes at and see what we have to offer.

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