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Learn All About Our Tiny Homes

High Energy Efficiency and Robust Building Quality

Tiny Home Construction

Built for Canadian Winters

Weather Durability

A Tiny Home Shouldn't Be Hard To Heat

You're making the choice to live more efficiently in a small space.  Your utility costs should reflect that.  Heating and cooling is a snap with our Thermal Break Technology giving you year round efficiency and comfort.  Click below to learn more about our thermal break technology.

Thermal Break Technology

Modular Add-ons

Deck Addon

Countless Expansion Possibilities

If you have the need to upsize, our tiny homes are set up to expand with our modular add-ons.  We have many options like a door awning, patio/deck, boot room, workshop, and second attached home!

Learn More

Full Service

Tiny Home Delivery

Delivered and Installed

We are set up to deliver your tiny home and add-ons and are Western Canada based.  Installation services are available if required.

house construction

Tiny Homes Shouldn't Feel Tiny

Thats why we have full sized attributes to make it feel like "home" such as:

- Full size (36") entry doors to enter your house comfortably.

- Large sleeping area big enough for a queen sized mattress and bedroom furniture.

- Premium flush toilets and 40 gallon hot water tanks common to residential housing.

*Amenities are also customizable to suit your needs.

heated floors

All of our tiny homes go through an N49 14-Point Inspection

From start to finish we ensure each step meets our safety and quality standards.  Contact us to learn more.

Appliance Service

Where do you park these tiny homes?

Check out this map for possible locations to land your tiny home

whether on wheels or blocks!

Wooden Stairs

Get a Quote

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We are big on SAFETY

Home Safety is extremely important to keep you and your family safe.  Check out this guide for some home safety tips:

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